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Kim, Kichul (1969, Seoul, Korea)


Kichul Kim denies a typical notion of hearing the sound, and suggests a sound for seeing, which he calls ‘Sound Sculpture’ by molding the stereoscopic nature of sound into a three dimensional presence. The initial works were made in minimal and simplified forms in terms of the installation method and figuration; the pure form meets pure sound without reproduction or modification. For instance, subtle figures combined with sounds of nature or an indistinct note of a bell to reflect waters of the rain, ocean, valley and forest would touch the imagination of the audience. The artist creates a situation for audiences to have synesthetic experiences of both imagining and seeing through unlimited sound filling in the void rather than utterly phrasing a story behind. In his recent works <Sound Drawing> and <Rapport>, Kim invites the audience to make an active interaction of drawing, making sounds and watching movements made by the resonance of their voices.




2006-8 California Institute of the Arts Graduate School Art/Integrated Media - MFA

1995-7 Hong-Ik University Graduate School Sculpture - MFA

1989-5 Hong-Ik University Fine Art College Sculpture – BFA


Sub education


2005 Stanford University, CCRMA HCI Workshop

2003-5 The Art Institute of Seattle, Audio Production




Solo Show


2018 The Depth of Cycle, OCI Museum, Seoul

2014 The Sound of Silence, Blume Museum of Contemporary Art, Hayri

2013 Elastic Deformation, Seoul Citizens Hall: Sound Gallery, Seoul

2010 Hwayang, Gallery Space, Seoul

2009 Touch//Dotik, Multimedia Center KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia

2008 Dependent Arising, Center for Integrated Media, Valencia, U.S.A

2007 Sound Looking- Rain, Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles, U.S.A

2006 Rapport, Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, U.S.A

2000 Hae-in, Insa Art Space, Seoul

1998 Not Two, Noksaek Gallery, Seoul

1993 Eleven Faced Kwan-Eum, Crossroad Gallery, Seoul


Intangible Show:


2010 Myriad_LG Infinia Home theater Launching, Kring, Seoul

2010 The Asian Roads, Ehwa Women’s University, Seoul

2008 Lament Project- U.S.A

2004 m gallery – Live Bell – SK Telecom Mobile Service, Korea

2002 Re: CORD- MAAP, Austrailia


Tangible Group Show:

2020 Time based Art Project Collection, Seongbuk Young Art Space, Seoul

2019 What We See, Gallery Artside, Seoul

2019 Voices of Sound, Goyang Children's Museum, Goyang

2018 KANU Signature, Temporay Kanu Signature Gallery, Seoul

2018 How The Artists Meditate, Savina Museum, Seoul

2017 The Revolution will Not Televised, Arco Museum, Seoul

2017 Hong Dae-Yong_Reason without Boundaries, The Museum of Practical Learning, NamYangju

2017 Post Human, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2017 Dye with Light*Sound, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan

2016 The Edge of Night, OCI Museum, Seoul

2016 Life in Between Delight and Discomfort, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2016 Nirvana, VDNKh, Moscow, Russia

2016 Gung, Gungjeon, Deoksu Palace, Seoul

2016 Being, Nature, Museum SAN, Wonju

2015 The Future is Now, Friche La Bell de Mai, Marseille, France

2015 Indulge in Space, Samjeong Incineration Plant, Bucheon

2015 A jelenlévő jövő(The Future is Now), Koreai Kulturális Központ, Budapest, Hungary

2015 Artist Portfolio II, Sabina Museum, Seoul

2014 The Future is Now, MAXXI, Roma, Italia

2014 Sejong The Great, Hangul Museum, Seoul

2013 New Scenes, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2013 Haein Art Project: Maum, Haein Temple, Hapcheon

2013 Method of Coexistance, Sempio Space, Icheon

2013 Seek and Desire, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon

2013 Now and New: New Acquisition, Seoul Mesum of Art, Seoul

2012 Project 72-1, Abandoned Hongik Elementary School, Seoul

2012 Media city_Seoul : Spell on You, Digital Media City Gallery, Seoul

2012 Playground, Arco Art Center, Seoul

2012 Hanji Metamorphosis, The Highline Loft Gallery, New York

2012 X_Sound, Namjun Paik Art Center, Yongin

2011 Reviewing Korean Sculpture, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 IAAF Daegu Anniversary: What is Art Worth?, Abandoned Commercial Bank Building, Daegu

2011 Mediascape, a pas de Nam June Paik, NJP Art center, Yongin

2011 The Garden of Forking Paths, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 Out of the Silent Planet, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

2010 Space A, Gallery Space, Seoul

2010 Wave- Incheon International Digital Art Festival, Tomorrow City, Incheon

2010 Art Wit, 3.15 Art Center, Masan

2010 Intuition, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2010 Printemps Perfume, Enghien-les-Bains Centre des Arts, Enghien Les Bains, France

2009 Multiple Emotion, Sejul Gallery, Seoul

2009 Planet A : Emergence of Species, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul

2009 Sum bi so ri- Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju

2009 Between the Border- Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2009 Alice Museum- Soma Museum of Art, Seoul

2009 Flow, Connect and Change-Lift Conference CICG, Geneva, Swiss

2008 Artist, What is Science for you- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon

2008 Universal Electronic Art- Seongnam Arts Center, Bundang

2008 Isanghangul- Artcenter Nabi, Seoul

2008 thisAbility vs. disability- Total Museum, Seoul

2008 Synthetic Times- International Media Art China- National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

2008 We Want a New Object- David Salow Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A

2008 Bent Festival- Grand Performances, Los Angeles, U.S.A

2007 Pan Festival- Maum deungbul Gallery, Hayri

2007 Alice Museum- Seoul Arts Center Design Museum, Seoul

2007 Minbak, Arco '07 – Intermediae Matadero, Madrid, Spain

2005 Digital Paradise- Daejeon Metropolitan Museum, Daejeon

2005 The Scenes- Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul

2004 MAAP'04 Gravity- Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, Singapore

2004 Dreaming Butterfly 2004- Seoul Grand theme park, Gwacheon

2003 Window of communication- Uijeongbu Art Center, Uijeongbu

2002 New Acquisition- National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

2002 VS- Boda Gallery, Seoul

2002 Beyond the Visuality- Busan Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan

2002 Tree Travel, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2002 The Planet of Insect- Seoho Gallery, Yangpyung

2001 Sound Design + - Art Center Nabi, Seoul

2001 The alchemy- Sunggok Museum, Seoul

2001 Invisible touch- Art Sonjae Center, Seoul

2001 Emerging 2 - sense and sensibility- Ssamzie Space Gallery, Seoul

2000 Relay Relay- Insa Art Space, Seoul

2000 Reverse Flow- Warehouse, Paju

2000 Media_city Seoul - Youngdungpo Office Subway Station, Seoul

2000 Sculpture Amusement Park- Sunggok Museum, Seoul

2000 Ecole de Seoul- Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

2000 Entropy-The Arrow of time- Art Center, Seoul

2000 Rabbit and Submarine- Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul

1999 Newtown- Sophist- Art Center, Seoul

1999 Demonstration Bus- Sunggok Museum, Seoul

1998 New Ventures Korean Young Artists Exhibition- National Contemporary Museum, Gwacheon

1998 Manifesto for .1 Century- Sai Gallery, Seoul

1998 Resonance- Art Center, Seoul

1998 Landscape of Water- Sang Gallery, Seoul

1998 Newtown- Paranoia- Art Center, Seoul

1997 Wedding- Noksaek Gallery, Seoul

1997 Room of 300 pieces- Seonam Museum/ Dam Gallery, Seoul

1996 Vague- Gallery2020, Seoul

1996 Cinderella Report- Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

1996 Macaroni Western- World Trade center Department store, Seoul

1995 Team Spirit- Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

1995 Hong-Ik Sculpture- Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul

1995 Sexual Gallery- Boda Gallery, Seoul

1995 Simbongsa centering 2- Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

1994 Environmental Installation- Maul Gallery, Seoul

1994 Booking In Gallery- Boda Gallery, Seoul

1994 Simbongsa Centering- Namu Gallery, Seoul




2018 KANU Signature, Temporary KANU Gallery, Seoul

2010 Wave- Incheon International Digital Art Festival, Tomorrow City, Incheon

2007 Truth- Redcat, Los Angeles

2007 You Me We- CalArts Main Gallery, Valencia

1999 Design Studio baf - Multimedia Production Sound Director,Seoul

1994 Goodbye Paradise- Korea Art Foundation Theater, Seoul




2000 Hae-in - Compact Disk

1998 Not Two - Compact Disk

1997 Sound As a Sculptural Material - Thesis


Artist Talk

2020 Hongik University Sculpture dept. (online)

2019 Hongik Univerity, Seoul

2018 OCI Museum, Seoul

2016 OCI Museum, Seoul

2015 Friche La Bell de Mai, Marseille, France

2014 Hangul Museum, Seoul

2013 Dongrami Hall, Seoul Citizen’s Hall, Seoul

2012 Namjune Paik Art Center, Yongin

2011 Kyunggi University, Suwon

2008 Hong ik University- Seoul

2008 Korea National University of Arts- Seoul

2007 Intermediae Matadero- Madrid, Spain

2006 Jack Straw New Media Gallery- Seattle, U.S.A

2004 NanYang Tech. University- Singapore, Singapore



2000 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

2001 Ssamzie Art Space, Seoul

2005 Daejeon Art Museum, Daejeon

2008 Center for Integrated Media, Valencia, CA

2013 Seoul Art Museum, Seoul

2013 Woori Balhyo Research Center, Osong 

2014 Blume Museum of Contemporary Art, Hayri

2018 OCI Museum, Seoul



2011-18 Sogang University Game School - Digital Sound

2011-16 Kyunggi University - Sculpture dept.

2010-12 Sungshin Women’s Univ. - Sculpture dept.

2010-13 Seoul National Univ. of Science and Technology Graduate School - Art dept.

2010-13 Chungbuk National Univ. - Art dept.

2001-15 Hong ik University - Painting and Sculpture dept.

2001-02 Kook min University - Architecture dept.

2002-16 Kyunggi University Graduate School - Sculpture dept.

2000-01 Kyung Nam University - Sculpture dept.




2010-12 Doobic Game Studio Sound Director

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